The Richard H. Driehaus Museum in Chicago, Illinois: A Chance to Relive the European Heritage

The Richard H. Driehaus Museum in Chicago, Illinois, is a museum that celebrates European heritage and culture through art, design, and architecture. It offers an escape from the busy city for those who want to feel like they’re somewhere else. The museum was created by Dr. Richard H. Driehaus as a tribute to his father, Hermann J., who had been a collector of fine arts in Europe before moving to America in the late 1800s with his wife Emilie (the daughter of prominent German banker Louis Hamel) and their three children: Herman Jr., Marion, and Richard Sr. Further facts about Chicago, IL can be found here.

The museum will not be your typical museum experience. The museum was founded by an avid collector of European art and is housed in a 19th-century limestone bank building on the near-west side of Chicago, IL. With galleries featuring more than 3,000 works from across Europe dating back to the 13th century, there are many reasons to visit this unique institution that is open six days a week! Information about Skydeck Chicago in Illinois – A One of a Kind Experience can be found here.

The Richard H. Driehaus Museum in Chicago, Illinois, is a chance to relive the European heritage and culture through its architecture, collections, permanent displays, special exhibits, and events. This elegant brand new private non-profit institution was designed according to neoclassical style by the distinguished New York-based architect Adam Tihany. It was named in honor of its primary donor, The Richard H Driehaus Foundation, who donated $20 million to establish this institution and contributed another $40 million for renovation & expansion of the neighboring historic 19th century Chicago Landmark building formerly known as First National Bank Building also designed by Louis Sullivan (1867-1924) one of America’s most famous architects.