Skokie, Illinois: A Place You’ll Love

Skokie, Illinois, is a suburb of Chicago and has been named one of America’s best places to live. This small town offers residents beautiful parks, excellent schools, and plenty of entertainment opportunities. If you’re thinking about moving to Skokie or want to visit for a day trip with friends or family, this blog post will give you more information on what makes Skokie such an attractive place! Learn more here.

Skokie is a village in Cook County, Illinois. An affluent suburb of Chicago, it had a population of 64,784 at the 2010 census. Skokie was originally home to indigenous people belonging to the Potawatomi tribe, which used their location near Lake Michigan as an advantage for fishing and hunting grounds. However, around 1836 they began selling their land off in pieces due to slow migration because of smallpox outbreaks and pressure from other tribes encroaching on their territory (such as the Winnebago). The first non-natives settled by 1850. however, it wasn’t until 1914 that plat maps were drawn up, making way for developers like Samuel Gross, who envisioned his planned community after World War I brought back soldiers who wanted to start over and make a better life for themselves. Learn more about Oak Park, Illinois: Home to the Promised Land.