Revel in Mesmerizing Vistas at 360 CHICAGO in Chicago, IL

Explore Chicago in a way you have never done before! Revel in mesmerizing vistas at 360 CHICAGO in Chicago, IL which offers an uninterrupted view. A modern observation deck with some of the most spectacular skyline views in the United States. Rising 1,000 feet in the sky, the observation deck is atop the iconic John Hancock Center, offering 360-degree panoramic views of four states and an unparalleled look at some of the Windy City’s most iconic attractions. From coast to coast, spectacular skylines, mountaintop landscapes, and unforgettable sights await. Information can be found here.

The Magnificent Views

Once you’ve reached the top, the views from  360 CHICAGO in Chicago, IL are truly mesmerizing. On a clear day, you can see well beyond 80 miles, from the sparkling shores of Lake Michigan to the distant skyscrapers of Milwaukee and Gary, Indiana. Surrounding the lake are beautiful cities and vibrant attractions, making for a colorful landscape with endless photo opportunities. See here for information about Get Ready for Fun at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL.

Revel in Mesmerizing Vistas at 360 CHICAGO in Chicago, IL

You’ll first notice the tall buildings and the magnificent lakefront. Along the cloud level, the diverse architecture and sprawling suburbs captivate the eye. From the tallest residential building in the world to the art deco masterpieces in the iconic Loop, you’ll be in awe. Reach further out. You’ll also be able to take in remarkable views of Michigan City, Indiana, and Wisconsin’s horizon.

The observation lounge at 360 CHICAGO is an excellent spot to bask in the glory of the view. You can also find a great selection of drinks and snacks here, including handcrafted cocktails and the finest wines.

Explore the Vibrant City

Chicago is a vibrant city with sights, sounds, and experiences. As you take in the breathtaking views from  360 CHICAGO in Chicago, IL, you can explore the most popular neighborhoods in all directions. From the buzzing streets of the West Loop to the landmark Navy Pier, you’ll have an incredible look at the city’s diverse entertainment and culture.

Take a quick ride down the L, and quickly stay Downtown, at all its many places to eat, shop and play. You can explore Chinatown and its craft markets, enjoy the flavors of Pilsen and take a guided tour of one of the nation’s largest public art collections.

Atoms the Magnificent Mile, you will find upscale shopping centers, renowned museums, and award-winning restaurants. The Magnificent Mile is the ideal destination if you’re searching for luxury and entertainment.

Adjacent Attractions

360 CHICAGO is surrounded by some of the city’s most iconic attractions, so take the opportunity to explore what’s nearby. The top of John Hancock Center offers an incredible look at Navy Pier and the iconic Ferris wheel, and Willis Tower’s twin observation decks – the highest in the city – are just a few blocks away. Union Station and its immense collection of shops and restaurants make for the perfect spot for a day trip, and the Art Institute of Chicago’s world-class collection of artifacts is just a short walk away.


At  360 CHICAGO in Chicago, IL, you can experience breathtaking views of the Windy City. Situated 1000 feet in the sky, the observation deck offers an unparalleled look at four states and iconic attractions like the lakefront, John Hancock Center, and the Navy Pier. Exploring the vibrant city, you’ll learn about world-famous shopping malls, renowned museums, and exceptional restaurants. And with numerous adjacent attractions, you can plan a truly memorable trip to the top of the John Hancock Center.

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