10 Best Places to Celebrate Birthday in Chicago IL

You must wonder which are the best places to celebrate birthday in Chicago. A birthday is a memorable occasion which every person faces each year. Certain birthdays are special like your late 30s and 25s. The city of Chicago provides ample activities which would make anyone’s birthday special. There are various things to do in Chicago for birthday, whether it is a romantic evening with your partner or a wild party with your friends. Last but not least, a birthday in Chicago is something to be cherished for a long time.

best Places to celebrate birthday in Chicago

Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Birthday in Chicago

We have jotted down some best place to celebrate birthday in Chicago. We hope that this guide will provide you with a clear idea of the vast number of possibilities you can look forward to during your birthday. 

1) Enjoying karaoke at Trader Todd’s

Trader Todd’s karaoke Party is a perfect birthday plan for thinking of going out with your friends. It is a mid-town spot with a casual and fun atmosphere with karaoke on stage for seven nights a week. You can choose from 30,000 songs and anyone from your group can sing to those songs with the help of titles. Trader Todd’s comes with an exciting menu of appetizers, sandwiches and entrees. The availability of unique cocktails would surely make you enjoy your birthday to the fullest. You can enjoy your refreshments in the karaoke room or even in the beer garden if you think about visiting the place during the summer. 

2) Visiting the “Spirit of Chicago”

“Spirit of Chicago” is the best option for either you wanting to celebrate your birthday with your partner or friends and family. A trip to this place is undoubtedly unforgettable because of the entertainment cruise ship that sails from Navy Pier. There is a specific cocktail hour which is later on followed by an exquisite dinner buffet. Your guests can walk on the outdoor deck of the cruise whenever they feel like and have a look at the beautiful Chicago nighttime skyline. Dancing and enjoyment is non-stop, so no need to think about that issue! You can also book the entire ship if you have a large number of guests. Brunch, moonlight and theme cruises are also available. 

3) Spa Party

If you want to spend your exotic birthday party with your girlfriends, then you can do so by giving yourself a relaxing spa party. Having a full-service spa would provide you with manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials and massages. Some of the spa centres in Chicago even allow their customers to bring in their foods and drinks and choose their spa service according to their convenience. If you come with your group of friends for birthday parties, then you might be lucky enough to get a significant discount for group manicure or pedicure services. 

4) Having a gala time at Whirly Ball

Whirly Ball is the name of an establishment that provides its customers with an activity similar to its name. This birthday celebration is the perfect choice for guys or even with a large group of co-ed friends. This “activity” mixes basketball, hockey, and lacrosse techniques in addition to having the fun of driving in bumper cars. With the help of a plastic scoop, players toss the ball to each other unless they are successful in scoring a basket. The fun beings when the opponent players bump their car into yours, and you are quite shocked by such an incident! This establishment also features a complete international menu with full bar service, laser tag, pool tables and lots of video games. 

5) Take your friend to the Brewery.

So you’ve just turned 21 and want to upgrade your usual birthday bar schedule then this is the best place to celebrate birthday in Chicago. You can take your friends and companions to any of the city’s best beer bars. The local brewery tours come in various ranges, so why not visit each one of them finds the perfect one according to your needs? 

As much as anyone loves heading to their favourite bars in the city, it is sometimes nice to have a glass of beer while learning how it is made. You can walk through some of the best breweries in the city to have a look at the fermentation tanks, and taste some raw grains and get to know extensively about how your favourite beer is made. 

6) Enjoy an exotic dinner at some of Chicago’s best restaurants.

We all are familiar with the phrase “Good Food, Good Mood”! Ain’t nothing like have a good feast with your friends whether you are looking to go all out or grab a fantastic brunch buffet. Book a table at one of the best restaurants in Chicago and enjoy the feast that you have been longing for some time. 

The best restaurants come in various shapes, from pizza joints to 5-star restaurants. There are also multiple cuisines available from Korean, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean and even Indian fare. It doesn’t matter whether you are a permanent resident of the city or came to visit the weekend for enjoying your birthday, stuffing your appetite with the best food in town is always the best places to celebrate birthday in Chicago. 

7) Visit an arcade bar

It is always exciting to hit an arcade bar with your group of adult friends, might feel a bit weird for celebrating your birthday but no harm in trying out something different right? Spend a few quarters at the arcade bar and relive your childhood days of playing pinball, PacMan or even Shoot the Zombies with your friends. 

Chicago houses some of the best arcade bars in the vicinity. Whether you want to set a record or compete with your friends in any game, it is always wise to waste a few quarters on the games you enjoy playing! 

8) Enjoy the sandy beaches.

So your birthday falls in the summer, and you enjoy spending some time with the beach and sea waves? Well, you need not spend a single buck to celebrate your birthday if you think about visiting the beach. All you need is a few blankets, some snacks and BOOM; you are ready to go! The famous Oak Street Beach is where you can visit to celebrate your birthday with clear skyline views and have a good time playing beach volley with your friends. 

With only four months in a year, suitable for enjoying a beach holiday, gather your friends and spend a fabulous afternoon at any of the Chicago beaches you feel like! 

9) Book an exotic hotel for a casual stay

If you want to have an experience of Chicago’s luxurious life, then book a weekend away at one of the best hotels in the city. Publishing House, the Robey and Chicago Athletic Association are some of the best properties you can rent for your birthday weekend with some fantastic restaurants and bars. You also need not make your bed during your birthday; these boutiques makes sure that it is taken care of! 

10) Enjoying a scenic hike

So you don’t like to party around the city and enjoy nature? Well, for such plans, we have you covered. Just gather your friends and hit the road towards Chicago’s best hiking trails. Take a stroll across the Indiana Dunes along Lake Michigan and enjoy the scenic beauty and be amongst trees and water, just like you want the same. It would indeed be a unique place to celebrate birthday in Chicago, which would not be forgotten soon! 

If you get tired during your hiking trip and need to rest for a while, worry not since there are various hiking spots near Chicago where you can rest for a while and continue with your journey from there onwards. 

Wrapping it Up!

Ever since your childhood, you always wanted your birthday to be exciting and fun, where you could enjoy with your friends, even late at night, without anyone to stop you from doing so. Well, with our list of places to celebrate birthday in Chicago, you would surely not miss out on anyway to enjoy your birthday to the fullest! 

When you reach adulthood, it is quite tough to plan out a successful birthday plan with your friends since not everybody has the same choice. However, if you have your birthday just around the corner, worry not, since we have you covered with our Birthday Parties Limo Service, ensuring that you have every option available to celebrate your birthday in the city of Chicago IL, to the maximum enjoyment! 

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