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There’s nothing that can give you the comfort of having your own limousine-like an hourly limo service. You get to go at your own pace, ask for as many stops as you like and make the most of your time. With hourly limo service, you will have a chauffeured transportation at your disposal whenever you need it, ready to go whenever you are.

Hourly limo service is the perfect choice for those who have multiple meetings in one day and don’t know how long those meetings will last. It’s a perfect option for those going on a shopping spree and running errands without the stress of driving by yourself and navigating the Chicago traffic. The hourly limo is the best solution for a crazy night out when you want to party without a worry in mind and still be sure that you will arrive home safely. It’s great for those who came to Chicago as tourists but want to save their energy for better stuff than navigating its busy streets in taxis of various quality.


There is no limit to the amount of work you can achieve in one day when you have limo service readily waiting for you. Take your time during your meetings, business dinners, and conferences, because your hourly limo is in front of the door ready to take you to your next destination in no time.

Are you coming to Chicago for one day only? Our hourly limo will wait for you in front of O’Hare airport or any other Chicago airport, then help you reach your every destination on time and lose as little time as possible in the transportation. After your busy day is done, we can take you to some of the best Chicago restaurants, bars, and clubs and then straight to the airport.


Did you always want to visit the big Windy City, but got discouraged at the thought of public and private transportation options that take up too much of your time and money? Enjoy all the places you always heard about like The Bean or The Art Institute of Chicago by letting our limo take you from one attraction to another. You just focus on creating memories and those perfect photos and let us take you around town safely. Did you plan a shopping spree during your Chicago visit? Just go to your favorite stores, we’ll be waiting to help you with bags and drive you to your next destination.


For your ultimate experience, you should choose the limousine that suits your style and needs. Business travelers usually opt for sedans, but they are just as good if you are travelling with a partner or a best friend, too. Chicago weather can affect traffic fairly easily, but an SUV will keep you and your family or group of friends on the track. Do you have to transport multiple employees to a team-building or colleagues at a conference? Choose one of our luxury vans where everyone can have enough space for themselves and their luggage.

We aim to provide our Chicago limo service at the highest level at all times. That is why we enabled you to pay in advance during your reservation process with any major credit card and rest assured that your transportation will be waiting wherever you need it to be. We also provided a booking form on our website to make the reservation as easy as possible, but you can call us if you have any additional questions or requirements.

Manage your time in Chicago however you want and use every minute the best possible way with our hourly limo service.

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