Derda Park: A Wonderful Place
for All Ages to Enjoy

Derda Park in Schaumburg, IL, is a perfect place for everyone, from little kids to seniors, to enjoy nature. Located a 15-minute drive from the O’Hare International Airport, the park is set in picturesque surroundings and covers 38 acres. The park is full of shade, and the walkways are well-maintained. The staff at Derda Park ensures it is kept in excellent condition. Learn information about Schaumburg, IL.

Nestled along a gorgeous stream, trees, and wildflowers lies the park’s centerpiece – Lake Derda. Lake Derda is a great place to relax, fish, or boat. You can rent canoes or rowboats from the dock or bring your own. Fishing is not just a hobby here; it is a way of life, the best part of summer. The lake is home to various fish and is a great place for avid anglers to hone their skills. The Derda Park staff stocks the lake monthly throughout the summer and fall for the best-possible fishing experience. Discover facts about Bock Park in Schaumburg, IL: Numerous activities, amenities, and attractions.

Derda Park: A Wonderful Place for All Ages to Enjoy

For those who are more into leisure and relaxation, Derda Park has plenty of walking paths and beautiful nature to explore. Its unspoiled landscapes and peaceful atmosphere make it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll or jog. The course starts at the lake, travels around the lake, and continues through the woods, meandering to the east, arriving at the picnic grove and playground equipment.

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