Covid-19 Safety Protocols at Skyline Chicago Limo Service

We understand the need for smart and safe Limo service to Midway during this pandemic. At Skyline Chicago Limo, we have put measures in place to ensure your safety and protection against the ravaging Covid-10 pandemic. Wherever you have to go, you can trust our service for your safe transit. You do not have to worry about sitting close to a possible carrier of the virus as you would if you were to ride in a public bus or train. 

Our Chicago limo service is strictly designed to ensure your protection and safety. You ride alone in the back of the luxury vehicle and you do not need to have any contact with your chauffeur. Your booking is done online and you do not have to exchange physical cash or credit card with our professional driver.

Why use Skyline Chicago Limo Service during Covid-19

The first thing you must know is that all our vehicles are regularly sanitized. After each drop-off, we thoroughly sanitize the ride to disinfect it from any possible contamination. Before pick-up, we also ensure that our riders have their temperature checked, sanitize their hands, and wear their face masks. Our drivers are also kitted for the occasion and they always have their nose masks on. To ensure your safety, we do not offer any complimentary drinks or newspapers in the vehicles to avoid any physical contact all through your Limo service to O’Hare.

Safety Measures at Skyline Chicago Limo

At Sky Lin Limo Chicago, we ensure that our chauffeurs and staff go through temperature checks every time they resume work. In case any of our team members feel sick, we advise them to stay at home and quarantine until they feel better. The safety of our riders and staff is our priority and we put everything in place to ensure this. With Skyline Chicago Limo, you do not have to worry about the possibility of contracting the virus with your Limo service in the Chicago suburbs. We take your safety and health seriously and we ensure that our professional chauffeurs do not engage in any activities that may jeopardize your safety.

Safe Limo Service Rental in Chicago

Whatever occasion requires that you take a trip out of home, you can trust us for your safe Limo service rental in Chicago. We will be right there with you to take care of your transportation arrangement so that you would not have to worry about waiting for a cab. You also do not have to worry about riding on a bus or waiting at a train station. With our service, you get to cut out all the possible ways you can contract the virus. You don’t have to stand at the bus station with others. 

You also do not have to sit at the train station or put your hands on the railings. Our chauffeur will pick you up from your home or hotel and take you to your destination without any stop. Your movement is straight from your home or hotel into the waiting limo and the next stop is at your destination. With us, you are assured of a pleasant, comfortable, and safe ride.

Hire Safe Car Service Chicago

Wherever is your destination, we have got you covered with our safe car service in Chicago? You have nothing to worry about as far as your safety and health are concerned. We offer contact-less limo service to Midway and other destinations of your choice. Our chauffeur would maintain decorum all through the ride to ensure your peace of mind. Contact us now to book your limo ride. How much does it cost to rent a limo in Chicago? Contact our customer care service for details of our fees.