Bock Park in Schaumburg, IL: Numerous activities, amenities, and attractions

Bock Park is a park located in Schaumburg, Illinois, just twenty-five miles northwest of the city of Chicago. The park is part of the Schaumburg Park District and offers numerous activities, amenities, and attractions, making it a popular destination for visitors throughout the Chicagoland area. In addition, Bock Park is an important cultural asset to the Schaumburg community, as it hosts community events, provides a picturesque natural setting, and is part of the National Trails System. Learn more here.

Bock Park is named after John Bock, who donated the land to the Schaumburg Park District in 1962 and was a prominent member of the Schaumburg community until he died in 1981. The park was opened in 1972 and has since undergone numerous expansions that have doubled its size to almost sixty acres. Additional improvements have also been added to the park, which now offers a variety of amenities. Learn more about Elaine Bond Park in Schaumburg, IL: Delightful respite for nature-lovers.

Bock Park has a large pavilion, restrooms, and a concession stand. The park has two shelters for picnics and other activities, a band shell, and an amphitheater. One of the most popular amenities of Bock Park is its two regulation-size soccer fields, which are open to the public for both organized activities and casual play.