A Visit to Morton Grove, Illinois

Morton Grove is a small village located in Cook County, Illinois. It has an estimated population of 6,700 people with 1.3 square miles of land area that covers it. This town was initially established in 1858 and incorporated into the Village of Morton Grove on April 19th, 1914. , While there may not be many things happening inside this small village, you can find some great restaurants and shops throughout its borders! Learn information about Chicago, IL.

Morton Grove, Illinois, is a small area in the Chicago suburbs. It’s known for its substantial Jewish population and has been nicknamed “Kosherville USA” because of that fact. Morton Grove was initially settled in 1835 by David Morton, who had moved from Kentucky to scout out land along the Des Plaines River. He ended up settling on 160 acres there and naming it after his hometown of Morton, Illinois, back in Lexington County, Kentucky. The first home built in what would become Morton Grove was owned by Captain William Morgan, who established himself as one of the earliest settlers before moving west when he found out about gold being discovered at Sutter’s Mill. In69, when the Chicago and North Western Railway built a line through the area. The most popular attractions found here are the Morton Arboretum and Pioneer Park, which offer plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy nature. Discover facts about Skokie, Illinois: A Place You’ll Love.