A Tasteful Treat – Schaumburg’s Very Own Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

As one of the earliest restaurants in Schaumburg, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria has been providing a tasteful treat to locals and visitors alike since 1971. With a deep-dish Chicago-style pizza and a warm, inviting atmosphere, Lou Malnati’s has become an icon in the local community, a place to come together with friends and family and enjoy some of the best pizzas. The history of Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria goes back to the original restaurant in Lincolnwood, Illinois. Founded by local business owners and brothers Rudy and Lou Malnati, the restaurant quickly developed a loyal following, thanks partly to their unique, deep-dish style of pizza. However, it wasn’t until Lou and his wife Jean opened their Schaumburg location in 1971 that the restaurant began to take off. Lou and Jean chose Schaumburg as the ideal location for their restaurant, as their deep-dish style of pizza was becoming increasingly popular in the area. In no time, the Schaumburg location of Lou Malnati’s had become an integral part of the local community and was drawing in a steady stream of hungry customers. Information can be found here.

What makes Lou Malnati’s pizza so unique? It starts with the passionate and dedicated staff. Led by the original owners and their commitment to excellence, Lou Malnati’s team is trained to ensure that their customers are always satisfied. They take pride in their pizza is made with ingredients specially sourced from Italy, and each batch is made with the utmost care and attention. You first notice the warm, inviting atmosphere when you walk into Lou Malnati’s. The decor is classic but with a hint of modern flair, immediately putting you in a relaxed and comfortable mood. They also take great care to ensure their patrons have a pleasant dining experience, from friendly customer service to quality ingredients in their pizzas. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Chicago deep-dish pizza or a more creative option, such as the Lou’s Special with smoked mozzarella and fried pepperoni, you’ll be able to find something at Lou Malnati’s that will make your taste buds sing. They also offer specialty dishes and delicious desserts, including the signature cannoli, made with handmade ricotta cream and sweet chocolate chips. See here for information about Exploring The Creative Wonders Of The Sculpture Park in Schaumburg, IL.

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